In business whether offline or online… customer and audience engagement is EVERYTHING!customer_engagement

Even if you have 25,000 subscribers in your email list, if they’re not engaged… they won’t read your emails or buy your products… it’s almost as if you don’t exist to them.

And trust me when I say that pounding with free gifts after free gifts to score some goodwill does not build the level of engagement you need to make money.

We wanted to let you in on the fact that a brand new way of engaging audiences has recently been discovered…

…And this is unlike anything you’ve seen!

It’s not using videos – it’s not writing long blog posts – it’s not building more landing pages and you can be sure that it’s not about giving away more freebies.

It’s using a brand new cloud software called Mints App, the very first of it’s kind to ever get released.

It allows you to build gorgeous interactive polls and ratings in minutes that will instantly draw in your audience and get them to take action, the results are instant.

Even better, this technology has advanced into building whats is called customer-driven funnels so that you can capture more leads and sell products faster on complete auto-pilot.

In fact, it’s so good that your customers and audience will be ones begging you to sell stuff to them…

You should see this new marketing technology in action. It’s a whole new way to engage audiences and no one in the industry is using this stuff…

If you:

– promote affiliate/CPA offers
– sell on Amazon
– sell physical products
– run eCommerce stores
– own local businesses (such as gyms, restaurants, etc)
– host events & physical giveaways

Then pay attention because we’re spear-heading a new marketing revolution that is knocking your old boring sales funnels left and right.

Selling products is now so much fun and much more profitable due to more engagement, and engagement with buyers — all hands- free, using the brand new cloud-based customer acquisition and
engagement software “Mints App”:

The First Ever Cloud-Based Customer Acquisition & Engagement Software is Live!