How to Use Events to Bring Your Crowdfunding Campaign to Life

Guest Blog Post Written by Eventbrite Emails, phone calls, Facebook messages, good old-fashioned letters. Nowadays, there are countless ways to communicate with potential campaign supporters. But none of them hold quite the same power as face-to-face conversation. Think about it: you’d probably be much more likely to donate money to a cause after shaking hands […]

Unplug From the past — Join the Future…

Future of Home Security: B. One is built using state-of-the-art technology that assures complete security of your home. B.One hub works on visual verification system which avoids false alarms. Once an anomaly is detected, the hub immediately sends an alert to your smartphone and give you an option of sounding the alarm or reporting the incident […]

A Ground Floor Opportunity for Short/Long-Term Success

A Recently Launched Business Opportunity [2015] – Reserve Your Position Today! Welcome! My name is Charles and I’m a member of the Team Building Project (TBP), a global community of 43,595 people just like you and me, working together to achieve long-term financial success! We have selected MWR Life as one of our business opportunities, […]

Coping with Information Overload…

Information overload: You hear it all of the time, and I just bet you probably have used this term yourself a time or two. If your new or old to the internet but do not know how to properly handle and digest the information you are receiving, you are in great danger of being paralyzed […]