How to Make Money with CPA Affiliate Marketing?

Cost per action affiliate marketers are making money online using different methods and techniques based on their personal marketing skills and experience. CPA affiliate marketing is one of the best forms of online affiliate marketing where affiliates always try to convince the visitor to submit their email or often survey to complete a short survey and in return get a commission.

This type of affiliate marketing is considered to be easier than order forms of affiliate marketing such as: Clickbank affiliate marketing because in CPA Affiliate marketing, affiliates do not have to sell anything to get a commission. Instead, they must convince the visitor to perform some action in order to receive  a commission from the CPA Network.

The video below discusses one example of CPA Marketing:

The easiest way to explain how to make money with cost per action affiliate is  in four basic steps:

  1. Register with a CPA Network
  2. Select an offer
  3. Drive traffic to the offer
  4. Get paid when the action is taken

For you to succeed in the modern field of online marketing, not only CPA affiliate marketing, you have to learn what is necessary. Learning new techniques on a continual basis is what differentiate the newbie and super affiliate. Ideally, it is best to have a mentor or to have training that will guide you through the fundamentals and any difficulties you may face.

The good news about CPA marketing is can make the big bucks when you take the time to learn very carefully. In fact there are many affiliates who are making a fortune with CPA affiliate marketing because it’s not hard at all when you have basic skills and experience.

Right now, let’s look at how to really make money with CPA affiliate marketing by conducting effective CPA marketing campaign, as you already know the first step of conducting every successful affiliate marketing campaign whether Clickbank or CPA, the first step is market research because this is where everything starts.

By doing good and effective market research then you’ll discover customer demographics, such as:  age, gender, educational level, also: customers buying keywords, top referral sites and other useful information. Performing good market research will enable you to create a winning campaign because your campaign will be fully optimize for the target audience.

The next step of after conducting effective market research and select the right CPA offer to promote is creating landing pages or pre-sell pages where you’ll send the visitors first before you send them to the offer page. This is quite amazing when it comes to converting new visitors into customers. Indeed, adding the landing page or pre-sell page between promotional ad and offer page is very important. I cannot over emphasize the importance of building landing page with email capture mechanism in between ad campaign and offer page. In will boost your conversion and rates and enable you to build a responsive email list of prospects which you’ll later use in the back-end to promote additional affiliate products.

After you have created 4-5 different landing pages, for split testing, the next thing is to identify good traffic sources like: Facebook or Bing Ads. As you already know as a marketer you must have banners, images and marketing creatives.

The next step is setting up a tracking whether self-hosted on wordpress subdomain like Prosper202 or cloud hosted tracking service like Voluum or Tracking202. After setting up your tracking, the next is creating your CPA marketing campaign send some traffic to your CPA campaigns and see which landing page has high click through rate (CTR) and select the best one with highest converting rate and drop the rest.

Just keep on creating new landing pages, images, banner creative and keep on split testing until you find 5-10 best winning campaigns on the same offer. Invest small at the beginning and later scale it up when your campaigns are fully optimized. This is really how to make money online with CPA Affiliate Marketing.

Trust me, there is nothing more lucrative than CPA marketing when you master it because all you have to do is pick an offer, do the market research, build landing pages, set up tracking, create your campaigns, optimize your campaign and scale it to the next level! Just sit back and relax wait for the money to start coming in.


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