alpha2In  July 2015,  Alpha2 was brought to the 19th Robo-Cup. Upon request, Alpha 2 made a speech as the simultaneous interpreter for the Robo-Cup.  At the orientation ceremony, Alpha 2 played the role of simultaneous interpreter (translating Chinese to English and English to Chinese.

The robot will start to sale at the end of 2015. Although Alpha 2 has a small body, its talents are great. Dancing and singing are just the basic function of Alpha 2. The greatest function of Alpha 2 should be its artificial intelligence part. All the collecting, understanding, interactions, languages, words and sentences of voice could be calculated by the cloud database. Alpha 2 can search online and translate to voice simultaneously. The technology of language communication between human and robot is the goal of robot development in the future. The robot will understand people’s talking and communicate with people easily in the future.

Plans for the future will not only focus on the development of artificial intelligence for families, but will also increase the research on medical treatment services. The medical services will examine the patients’ mental status and body situations and the data will help the doctor with the treatment plans. The smart humanoid robot will also play many roles like:  smart housekeeper, security and guarder (plus many more. The more important thing is that the robot will able to communicate with you.

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