Wheelys 5


Wheelys is YOUR chance to start your own high tech organic café for a fraction of the price of a regular café. Wheelys is organic, connected and can be moved to where people are and best of all: You pay no rent and no utilities.

Wheelys is also an community, sharing tears and laughter, growing faster than any coffee chain, EVER. Last year alone we shipped 500 cafés to 60 countries.


But, remember. The last FOUR editions have sold out quickly, and next week the price will be $8,999. So BE QUICK!

The Wheelys 5 Open Source is the biggest invention in mobile food since some greek invented the wine bottle.

It is a full service, high tech mobile kitchen, with running water, refrigeration, integrated tablets, and everything you need to make the world’s best coffee. AND more.


Now, we do not want to sugarcoat this. Running a Wheelys is hard work. You need to get up in the morning and brew that coffee. You need to build habits for the customers. You need to care for your relations, and sometimes bike home in the rain.

It is hard, but if you have the will, we have 200 people that will tell you it is the best living in the world. You are the boss, you work when you want… And from the time you start until when you go home: you make people happy!

Are you ready to take the challenge? Just click on any of the images in this article, and we’ll get you started.


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