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There is a lot of misinformation out there pertaining to article writing. My goal with this article is to set the record straight. Some of the advice mentioned in this article might come across as controversial since these myths have been spread around by so many for such a long time. If you are skeptical, then I encourage you to research it yourself. With that said, let’ get started.


Posting the same article to both your website and an article directory is not allowed, so you will need to rewrite the article if you want to submit it to both.


Original content is defined as content that you have created yourself (or hired someone to create). You can post that article as many times as you want. It’s yours! Most article directories only care about whether the original author is credited.

Look, if an article directory demands 100% unique content (i.e. they won’t even allow you to post it on your own website), then they obviously have no clue as to what they are doing.


You should always post your articles on a directory first. Then once it has been accepted, you are free to publish it on your own website.

This is absolute rubbish!

Why on Earth would you give something that you own to an article directory before yourself? It has no effect on SEO and the directory will still accept it even if the article is on your own website. Always publish new articles to your own website before you post it anywhere else.

The purpose of posting articles to directories is not to drive to your website. It’s an effort to get relevant authority sites to start picking up your content and publishing it on their website. This provides you with valuable backlinks and targeted traffic.


If other websites are posting my articles, isn’t that seen by search engines as duplicate content?


The problem is that many people simply do not understand how the process actually works. They rely heavily on myths to guide them.

Let’s travel back in time for a moment and look at the process before the evolved into what it is today. When the Associated Press wrote an article, that same article would be picked up and published by hundreds of other newspapers. Not a single word would be changed.

It still works exactly the same way. The only exception is that today’s media is digital. Hundreds of websites pick up content from article directories and then post it to their website. This is a process known as syndication and Google does recognize this process as a legitimate method of publishing articles. They are not going to penalize you for doing this. In fact, having content from you website syndicated to a high authority website will increase your rankings!

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